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  •  As an Executive Advisor, Benoit Hardy-Vallee helps IBM clients to create 21st century organizations where micro-management is history, alienation is eradicated, work amplifies well-being and performance is fuelled by talent and collaboration.
  •  Benoit consults with HR leaders to bring innovative practices, evidence-based techniques and workforce analytics in the workplace. As the practice lead and thought leader for IBM Smarter Workforce & Social Business Canada and Caribbean, he develops strategies for talent management, collaboration, leadership development, performance management and employee engagement that makes use of the best technology, science and analytics.
  •  Since the 1990’s, Benoit has been using technology to connect and engage people. He started to create online communities and implement solutions for collaboration, project management and knowledge management when going online required a 14mpbs dial-up modem. He started this work as an independent consultant and kept working on larger and more complex engagements since then, earning a Project Management Professional designation as well.
  •  He is also an interdisciplinary scholar who edited books, published research articles and organized conferences that helped systematize the current knowledge on human decision-making across various disciplines (philosophy, psychology, economics, neuroscience, biology). He studied in Montreal, Paris, Waterloo and Toronto. He obtained his PhD in Philosophy and cognitive science from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Science Sociales in Paris. In his PhD thesis and post-doctoral research, he studied how brains, minds and groups make economic decisions.
  •  In his career as a consultant, he leveraged his experience in project management and his knowledge of human behaviour to advise clients on management, leadership and strategy issues.
  •  Through white papers and speaking engagements, Benoit has contributed to thought leadership and best practices sharing with IBM clients, and regularly share his perspective on talent, engagement and collaboration with various business audiences across Canada and the Caribbean. He participates in research projects with the IBM Smarter Workforce Institute.
  •  With his wife Aurélie, he raises 2 daughters in Toronto, Estelle and Adèle. His personal and professional missions are the same: to create workplaces where they could have fulfilling careers.


Organizational Change: A Good Time to Survey Employees Smarter Workforce Institute, IBM, 2013

  • Organizations that undergo important changes often wonder whether it is a good idea to maintain their employee survey program, or if they should instead wait until the dust settles. Our experience and research indicates that organizations should maintain or even initiate an employee survey program during times of change or turmoil.

The Cost of Bad Project Management GMJ, 2012

  • Projects often fail because organizations put more emphasis on rational factors than on employees’ psychological engagement — and the cost to organizations is enormous

How to Run a Successful Project, GMJ,2012

  • The key is to understand and manage employees’ emotional engagement with their work

Donner la chance à ses employés de se surpasser, La Presse, November 13, 2013

  • Entrevue avec La Presse sur la gestion de la performance et la mobilisation

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